With the rise of the multicultural society we have also seen an increase on the attacks on white men. There’s a reason for this. Western societies were founded and guarded, for the most part, by white men. They are the ones who built Western civilization. The globalists want to destroy Western countries and Western culture and in order to do so they have to destroy the main obstacle, which happens to be white men.

This is the reason why globalists, such as George Soros and his NGOs, fund all kinds of minority group. First, it was the women. In reality the women’s so-called liberation actually turned women against men. Mainstream media and state institutions, in most cases take the side of women and this degrades the role of men. Then, the globalists started to use other minorities against white men. Minorities such as immigrants, gays and Muslims. Even disabled people enjoy a higher social status than the traditional white, heterosexual male.

Western societies rest on the shoulders of white men. If they are gone, there won’t be any obstacles for the globalists to create their utopian one-world government. That’s were all of this is headed. Erasing the nation-states and creating supernational institutions, which take over. In Europe we have the European Union. In the beginning the EU was called the European Community and the member countries where the foundation. Then came the European Union, which created a structure above the member countries. Before the EU, national law came first. Now, after the EU has been created, EU-law comes first, before the laws of the individual countries.

In North America there is the NAFTA treaty. In Africa, there is the African Union. Eventually, these organizations will merge into one. Some of the richer countries don’t want merge wich poorer countries. Why would they? They don’t have anything to benefit. The biggest obstacles to creating this global utopia, ruled by one government and one single currency, are the men in rich countries, this is to say in Europe and North America.

It’s ironic and sad that the countries, which white men built are today places where white men are no longer welcome. All you hear in mainstream media is how bad white men are. How they are to blame for all the atrocities in history, how they oppressed women and how they’ve opressed other races. Things have gone so far that some groups, such as Black Lives Matter, say that white people and in particular white men do not have equal value to other people. The institutions and mainstream media tolerate and even encourage open racism against whites.
This is not going to end well for white people. As long as whites do not fight back against the lies and manipulation the attacks are only going to grow in strength. They’re going to grow to such a scale that soon, there will hardly be any white countries left and the white male will just be a footnote in history books.




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