The culture war rages on, radical feminism is still on the offenisve and one consequence of the constant bashing of men is the rise of MGTOWs, or Men Going Their Own Way.
This is an interesting movement.
These are men, who do not want to be in long term relationships with women becuase, as they say, they’ve come to realize the true nature of women. According to MGTOWs women are selfcentered and only want men becuase they can provide resources and financial help. They are fiercely anti-feminist.
Also, MGTOWs despise the way the legal system and society in general is set up to benefit women. Men are seen as disposible assets. MGTOWs say they’ve taken the red pill. I’ve heard that a lot.

Now, a lot of this is true. In today’s Western societies, men come second. In the mainstream media and Hollywood movies, women are portrayed as being smart, independent and strong. Even stronger than men. But there’s a reason for this.
I don’t want to defend feminists or womens bad behaviour towards men in any way. That is absolutely not my intention. I’m just going to comment on why women have become they way they are.
The point I want to make is that women didn’t suddenly just decide that they are going to compete with men and take power. Women were persuaded to do so. A 100 years ago things were very different. Back then, Western societies were much more conservative and family oriented. Womens attitude towards men and the relationship between men and women have transformed over a relatively short period of time.

There are certain forces that have promoted feminism and antifamily values.
Oftentimes the easiest way to get to the truth is to follow the money. Who benefits and who loses from the breakdowon of familiy-values? Once you start to ask these types of questions you will start to understand that women’s attitude towards men have been shaped by a small group of elites.
Aaron Russo, a film producer, provided and important insight into the workings of these elites. In an interview he talks about how he met one of the Rockefeller famility members, Nicholas Rockefeller, and how he had found out about why feminism has been pushed on people. Aaron was told that feminism was in fact created by the Rockefellers and the reasons had nothing to do with women’s rights. Feminism was in reality introduced for two reasons. Fist of all, once women became independent and started working they could be taxed. Before, only half the population could be taxed.The second reason was that once mothers didn’t stay at home the children could be sent off to public schools, where they could be indoctrinated!

Another example is American feminist icon Gloria Steinem. She used to be a CIA agent. In one of her books she claims that CIA funded Ms Magazine with the stated goal of breaking up the families and taxing women. The Frankfurt school has been an important factor in the destruction of Western values. One of its member, Herbert Marcusse, wanted a complete liberation of people’s sexuality. He wanted to create a society of “polymorphous perversity”. The Frunkfurts school has introduced amongst other things the idea that gender is a social construct. Marcuse worked on anti-Nazi propaganda projects for the U.S. Office of War Information (OWI) during World War II. In 1943, he started working for the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the precursor to the CIA.

You cannot say that you have taken the red pill unless you start to understand what the Frankfurt school is all about and how foundations funded by the elites have shaped the societies we all live in.

Once you start understand these things it becomes easier to connect the dots. Women have been brainwashed into thinking that their main goal, perhaps their only goal, is self-fulfillment and pursing a career. In other words, MGTOWs see the puppets but they do not see the puppet-masters.

I recommend doing more research and looking at what goes on behind the curtains. Just follow the money, that’s the easiest way. Find out who’s financing all of these feminists and who controls the media. Like I said before, this does not justify womens bad behaviour towards men, but it will help to understand why things are the way the are.


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