The clashes between Turkish protesters and Dutch police in the last couple of days is a very nice present from Turkish President Erdogan to the Dutch nationalist leader Geert Wilders.

This all started when Dutch authorities refused entry to two Turkish ministers. Government officials have been traveling to several European cities to campaign in favor of the coming Constitutional referendum in Turkey, which basically is a vote on whether or not to give the President more power.

In response to the travel ban Turks living in Holland took to the streets and clashed with police in violent protests.  This is actually good news for  the nationalists, altough it remains to be seen how well Geert Wilders will do in tomorrow’s election. When something like this happens people start to ask about the loyalty of the Turks living in Holland. Which country do they support? Is it possible to integrate Muslims into Dutch society?

Everything that Geert Wilders has said about Muslim immigration is coming true.  Why do the Dutch have to take part in Turkey’s internal politics? Don’t the Dutch have problems of their own? It’s one thing if Turks, who live abroad discuss about what goes on in Turkey in a peaceful way, but it’s an entirely different matter when they engage in violent protests.

One thing is becoming abundantly clear; the Muslim integration into European societies has failed miserably. If people weren’t aware of this fact before it’s high time to wake up. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can start to think about how to solve the problem.


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