If you were facing imminent death, would you want to know about it? That’s the question people should be asking. I think the answer is yes, of course. If you know that there will be a tragedy you can prepare yourself and try to avoid it. If you don’t know what’s coming the risk is much greater that you will get hurt.

The same goes for every other type of problem. If the political leaders of your country were planning to go to war for personal gains would you want to know about it? Or if the financial elites were selling you bad stocks while claiming the stocks were risk free?
The answer is the same in these cases. People want to know the truth, it’s a basic need. Nobody wants to be lied to. However, the problem is that quite often, the truth is hard to accept.
If a person has been living all his life in a lie and all of a sudden someone comes along and tells him the truth it would be difficult to accept for a psychological reason. First of all, he’d have to admit to being wrong all his life. That makes him look like a fool. That may be difficult to handle. Also, the truth might be very disturbing. We don’t like talking about things that make us feel uncomfortable. For these reasons it might be easier for some just to deny the truth. But that is not the solution.
Taking the red pill means that you are ready not just to hear the facts but also that you are
emotionally ready to handle them. The most important thing is to have an open mind and being relentless in pursuing the truth. Once you take the red pill you will change. Your eyes will be open and you will see how things really are. That’s why people say “that person has taken the red pill”, or “he’s been redpilled”. The perception of the world
People, who take the red pill will oftentimes want to tell the truth to everyone around them, which is completely understandable. However, it might be a good idea to take it easy. Nobody likes being lectured. Instead, engage in debates, provoke and question. Remember, the facts are on your side. There’s no need to rush. People need time to let the truth sink in.


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