When the Matrix came out in the late 90’s it captured the imagination of a lot of people. It was bold, action-packed and it had a great story. However, there is more truth to the Matrix than most people realize. Just as the main character in the movie, Neo, a lot of people feel that there is indeed something wrong with the world but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Some people just go on with their daily lives in spite of this feeling. Others try to look for answers but they look in the wrong places and they never ask the most fundamental questions.

We live in a false world. Just by looking outside the window, it might seem that everything is normal but it’s not, far from it. It’s difficult to see the deception because there’s nothing to compare this reality to. People don’t know any better. Most of us accept what they learn in school and what they hear on television. Especially when so-called experts or a person of authority speaks. Few of us question the reality they live in. We are not taught to question the people who rule us, we are not taught to take responsibility for our own lives. Instead, we learn that the important questions are best left up to the experts and the government.
Most people don’t have their own opinion, they just echo what someone else has said. The Matrix permeates everything. It is quite literally all around us.We are being deceived and fed lies in every aspect of our lives, in politics, entertainment, the media, our culture, business, in matters of human relations and love, about our health, even about the food we eat and the very air we breathe.

The most difficult thing to understand about the Matrix is the scale of the deception. It is quite literally all around us. In politics it’s relatively easy to see. The leaders oftentimes do what’s best for the corporate elites and not for ordinary people.  Politics is to a large degree a smoke screen made for common citizens. Behind the scenes there is a whole other story. The same with mainstream media. The lies about the reasons for invading Middle Eastern countries and about the benefits of immigration (just to name a copule) are becoming more and more obvious. Same with mainstream medicin. Oftentimes the drugs, which doctors prescribe are unnecessary. The benefits are exaggerated and the risks are downplayed.

The same goes for the history that is taught in schools. They do teach about WWII and Hitler but they never mention who financed Hitler. The lies can be found in movies, newspapers, litterature etc. The critical question is who’s providing the financing? Whether it be wars, terrorism, the feminist agenda or some new vaccine. Who benefits, who loses? Follow the money, that will explain a lot.

Once you start to unravel the Matrix it’s easy to get depressed. There are so many layers of deception that it’s very difficult to find out what’s really going on. Just like Morpheus says in the Matrix, we live in a prison, which has been made for our minds.The most important thing is to have an open mind and not give up.


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