No country for white men

With the rise of the multicultural society we have also seen an increase on the attacks on white men. There’s a reason for this. Western societies were founded and guarded, for the most part, by white men. They are the ones who built Western civilization. The globalists want to destroy Western countries and Western culture and in order to do so they have to destroy the main obstacle, which happens to be white men.

This is the reason why globalists, such as George Soros and his NGOs, fund all kinds of minority group. First, it was the women. In reality the women’s so-called liberation actually turned women against men. Mainstream media and state institutions, in most cases take the side of women and this degrades the role of men. Then, the globalists started to use other minorities against white men. Minorities such as immigrants, gays and Muslims. Even disabled people enjoy a higher social status than the traditional white, heterosexual male.

Western societies rest on the shoulders of white men. If they are gone, there won’t be any obstacles for the globalists to create their utopian one-world government. That’s were all of this is headed. Erasing the nation-states and creating supernational institutions, which take over. In Europe we have the European Union. In the beginning the EU was called the European Community and the member countries where the foundation. Then came the European Union, which created a structure above the member countries. Before the EU, national law came first. Now, after the EU has been created, EU-law comes first, before the laws of the individual countries.

In North America there is the NAFTA treaty. In Africa, there is the African Union. Eventually, these organizations will merge into one. Some of the richer countries don’t want merge wich poorer countries. Why would they? They don’t have anything to benefit. The biggest obstacles to creating this global utopia, ruled by one government and one single currency, are the men in rich countries, this is to say in Europe and North America.

It’s ironic and sad that the countries, which white men built are today places where white men are no longer welcome. All you hear in mainstream media is how bad white men are. How they are to blame for all the atrocities in history, how they oppressed women and how they’ve opressed other races. Things have gone so far that some groups, such as Black Lives Matter, say that white people and in particular white men do not have equal value to other people. The institutions and mainstream media tolerate and even encourage open racism against whites.
This is not going to end well for white people. As long as whites do not fight back against the lies and manipulation the attacks are only going to grow in strength. They’re going to grow to such a scale that soon, there will hardly be any white countries left and the white male will just be a footnote in history books.




MGTOW taking over government

Feminists have been allowed to push their agenda on all of Western society and as a result the West is falling apart. It’s hurting men and also a lot of women. Now, what are the men saying? Well, some of the men are saying, “we’ll go our own way, we don’t want any part of this”. They just check out. They leave society and go off living in their mancaves.
I’ve heard MGTOW saying that their goal is to make society crumble. Without men nobody will be able to do the hard work necessary to keep society going. And when society has crumbled, they think that women will turn to them and then we will all be able to start over.
I’m sorry but that’s just a fantasy. And a dangerous one at that. MGTOW just want to do their own thing, whatever that may be and wait until the society around them falls apart. And then they want to start over?! I wouldn’t hold my breath. Chances are that the leaders will think of ways to get enough men to cooporate and to raise families and to do the hard work. Benefits, bribes and threats do work and politicians know how to manipulate people. After all, it’s what they do for a living.
Another possibility is that women will simply go to a sperm banks when they want to have children. In this case the role of men would be reduced even further.

And even if MGTOW do get their way, if the Western societies do collapse it’s very unlikely that women would suddenly just turn to men for salvation. When a society falls apart there is usually a revolution and the group of people who are the most determined to gain power is the one who ends up winning. If MGTOW just wait around for better times then that isn’t a real solution.

The only thing that’s going to make a difference is to become proactive. Taking the initiative, fighting back. That’s what men do and I’m not trying to shame anybody by saying that. I’m just stating a basic fact. For the most part it is men who take the initiative and get things done. Becoming politically active, creating movements, debating and convincing people. If MGTOW created a political party and that party would gain just 5% it would still make a big difference. First of all it would be in parliament and that would provide a good platform to get the ideas out to the public. Also there might be a situation where the biggest party needs the MGTOW-party as a partner in order to form a ruling coalition. That would really be a game changer.


So, how would a MGTOW government work? First of all, feminist media and all feminist organizations need to be cut off from financing. In cases where the government is directly giving subsidies that’s an easy thing to do. In cases where corporations provide
the financing it would be a bit more difficult but it would still be possible. If the corporations financing feminism also have some government contracts the MGTOW government could just stop giving them any new contracts. Or perhaps introducing a special tax on corporations that finance political movements. That would immediately stop the corporate funding. No more Soros-funded NGOs and other subversive institutions. All leaders and TV-hosts who promote feminism would get the boot.


This is getting fun. Let’s continue 🙂 Next, changing the legal system. No one gets sentenced for rape without proper evidence. Simply accusing a man of rape is not proof
of any crime. Of course if a rape was committed there should be an investigation and the perpetrator should be punished.  As for the punishment itself there would be no special treatment for any particular group of men such as for example in Sweden, where Muslim men get off more easily simply because no one wants to be considered racist.
That is just BS, all men are to be treated equally. No discrimination against white European men. Also, former wives do not get half of the husband’s wealth if they didn’t help to earn it. What’s fair is fair.

All policies concerning gender quotas would be made illegal. No more forcing private companies to hire people they don’t want to hire or forcing political parties to have 50% women. No more of this insanity.


If MGTOW want change, this is how it has to be done. There’s an old saying. If you don’t take an interest in politics, then politics will take an interest in you. Right now MGTOW are giving up without a fight and the enemy, the globalists, are just delighted. If they are not stopped Western men will soon be extinct. I’m not exaggerating, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So the question is, are MGTOW ready to take action?

Do MGTOW understand the reasons for feminism?

The culture war rages on, radical feminism is still on the offenisve and one consequence of the constant bashing of men is the rise of MGTOWs, or Men Going Their Own Way.
This is an interesting movement.
These are men, who do not want to be in long term relationships with women becuase, as they say, they’ve come to realize the true nature of women. According to MGTOWs women are selfcentered and only want men becuase they can provide resources and financial help. They are fiercely anti-feminist.
Also, MGTOWs despise the way the legal system and society in general is set up to benefit women. Men are seen as disposible assets. MGTOWs say they’ve taken the red pill. I’ve heard that a lot.

Now, a lot of this is true. In today’s Western societies, men come second. In the mainstream media and Hollywood movies, women are portrayed as being smart, independent and strong. Even stronger than men. But there’s a reason for this.
I don’t want to defend feminists or womens bad behaviour towards men in any way. That is absolutely not my intention. I’m just going to comment on why women have become they way they are.
The point I want to make is that women didn’t suddenly just decide that they are going to compete with men and take power. Women were persuaded to do so. A 100 years ago things were very different. Back then, Western societies were much more conservative and family oriented. Womens attitude towards men and the relationship between men and women have transformed over a relatively short period of time.

There are certain forces that have promoted feminism and antifamily values.
Oftentimes the easiest way to get to the truth is to follow the money. Who benefits and who loses from the breakdowon of familiy-values? Once you start to ask these types of questions you will start to understand that women’s attitude towards men have been shaped by a small group of elites.
Aaron Russo, a film producer, provided and important insight into the workings of these elites. In an interview he talks about how he met one of the Rockefeller famility members, Nicholas Rockefeller, and how he had found out about why feminism has been pushed on people. Aaron was told that feminism was in fact created by the Rockefellers and the reasons had nothing to do with women’s rights. Feminism was in reality introduced for two reasons. Fist of all, once women became independent and started working they could be taxed. Before, only half the population could be taxed.The second reason was that once mothers didn’t stay at home the children could be sent off to public schools, where they could be indoctrinated!

Another example is American feminist icon Gloria Steinem. She used to be a CIA agent. In one of her books she claims that CIA funded Ms Magazine with the stated goal of breaking up the families and taxing women. The Frankfurt school has been an important factor in the destruction of Western values. One of its member, Herbert Marcusse, wanted a complete liberation of people’s sexuality. He wanted to create a society of “polymorphous perversity”. The Frunkfurts school has introduced amongst other things the idea that gender is a social construct. Marcuse worked on anti-Nazi propaganda projects for the U.S. Office of War Information (OWI) during World War II. In 1943, he started working for the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the precursor to the CIA.

You cannot say that you have taken the red pill unless you start to understand what the Frankfurt school is all about and how foundations funded by the elites have shaped the societies we all live in.

Once you start understand these things it becomes easier to connect the dots. Women have been brainwashed into thinking that their main goal, perhaps their only goal, is self-fulfillment and pursing a career. In other words, MGTOWs see the puppets but they do not see the puppet-masters.

I recommend doing more research and looking at what goes on behind the curtains. Just follow the money, that’s the easiest way. Find out who’s financing all of these feminists and who controls the media. Like I said before, this does not justify womens bad behaviour towards men, but it will help to understand why things are the way the are.

President Erdogan gives Geert Wilders a last-minute present

The clashes between Turkish protesters and Dutch police in the last couple of days is a very nice present from Turkish President Erdogan to the Dutch nationalist leader Geert Wilders.

This all started when Dutch authorities refused entry to two Turkish ministers. Government officials have been traveling to several European cities to campaign in favor of the coming Constitutional referendum in Turkey, which basically is a vote on whether or not to give the President more power.

In response to the travel ban Turks living in Holland took to the streets and clashed with police in violent protests.  This is actually good news for  the nationalists, altough it remains to be seen how well Geert Wilders will do in tomorrow’s election. When something like this happens people start to ask about the loyalty of the Turks living in Holland. Which country do they support? Is it possible to integrate Muslims into Dutch society?

Everything that Geert Wilders has said about Muslim immigration is coming true.  Why do the Dutch have to take part in Turkey’s internal politics? Don’t the Dutch have problems of their own? It’s one thing if Turks, who live abroad discuss about what goes on in Turkey in a peaceful way, but it’s an entirely different matter when they engage in violent protests.

One thing is becoming abundantly clear; the Muslim integration into European societies has failed miserably. If people weren’t aware of this fact before it’s high time to wake up. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can start to think about how to solve the problem.

The Balkanization of Germany

Looking at what’s happening today there are more and more signs of cracks in the Federal Republic of Germany. The main factor behind this rift is the massive influx of migrants. It can be seen on the political scene, in the demographics and most of all, in the streets. Germany is changing, there’s no doubt about it. The people of Cologne, especially women, got a taste of that change, on the  New Year’s Eve celebrations of 2015/2016. Hundreds of women were surrounded by young migrant men, mostly Muslims and sexually assaulted on a scale, which had not been seen before. There were similar attacks in other cities. German streets are no longer safe. White Germans, especially women, have to watch out where they go. The tension between migrants and native Germans is growing and it will continue to grow in the coming years.


A quick look at German demographics (destatis) shows that the number of births in 2015, where the mother had foreign citizenship, was 20.1%. That’s a record. In former West Germany, this number was 21.8% and in the former East Germany, it was only 7.4%.
The number for 2016 is probably even higher. Also, there are immigrants, who have received German citizenship and their children should also be taken into account. A good estimation would be that 30% of German newborns have foreign background. In some cities, this number could very well be over 50%. However, regional differences, are quite large.
The social tensions have caused a lot of Germans to leave the country altogether. Die Welt, one of the largest German newspapers, reported that in the past decade more than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, had left the country. The face of Germany is going to change in the coming decades, dramatically.

The massive of inlux of over a million illigal migrans in 2015 caused a rift in the CDU/CSU-party, one of the most dominant political parties in Germany. The CSU is the equivalent of the CDU in Bavaria. Back then, Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer, threatened Angela Merkel with constitutional action, for opening up Germany’s borders. This had never happened before. The CDU and the CSU could have been considered as one party, that is, up until the migrant crisis.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has seen increasing support mostly due to growing resistance to the illegal immigration. Here too, there are very large regional differences in the way people vote. In the regional elections in 2016, which were held in three states, the AfD received 24.2% in Saxony-Anhalt but only 12.6% in Rhineland-Palatinate, but that’s not the only difference. The Greens received 5.2% in Saxony-Anhalt and a whopping 30.3% Baden-Württemberg. Every serious crisis puts a strain on a countries political and social structure. The migrant crisis isn’t over, far from it. New migrants keep arriving and Germany’s Muslim population is growing rapidly.


Another very important factor is the coming economic crisis, and make no mistake about it, there is an economic crisis on the way. Deutsche Bank’s problems have been widely reported. It looks like the bank will be the next Lehman Brothers. When that bank goes bankcrupt it will pull other banks with it and it will be a repetition of the 2007 crisis, only bigger. When that happens, it will only increase the tension between native Germans and migrants. At the moment the economy is doing fairly well, unemployment is at a low level.

When everybody’s got jobs and money to spend things remain relativly calm. However, when people lose their jobs and the government is forced to cut back on social benefits that’s when bad things start to happen. When the government cuts back on health care, free housing for migrants and other benifts, what’s the reaction going to be? What are the millions of migrants, many of whom feel that they are entitled to having benfits, going to do? Are they going to sit still and say nothing? Very unlikely. Things are going to become dangerous and probably end up in violence. When this happens the rift between the CDU and CSU is going to widen and the CSU might become a separate political party altogether. This would create a gap between Bavaria and the rest of the country. The AfD could very well win in some of the Eastern states and perhaps join the CSU in a coalition.


A civil conflict is entirely possible, like in the 1930’s. It may be too late to turn things around at this point. With a foreign population exceeding 50% in some areas, which does not share the same values as Germans do, may very well lead to immigrants forming their own political parties and their own local authorities. We’ve seen this happen to some extent already, no-go zones ruled by self-proclaimed Sharia-gangs are popping up in many parts of Europe.
If current migration-trends continue Germany will sink into a civil conflict. However, it’s unlikely that all of Germany will go down. The parts of Germany that have few migrants and that have a stronger sense of identity, mainly the Eastern states, that used to make up Prussia, are not going to be in such a serious situation. They may want to go their own way, separating from the rest of Germany.
In the future we may see new states, a new Prussian and Bavarian state. The rest of Germany might splinter up into smaller states, just as was the case before the unification of Germany. Historically, Germany used to be devided into many smaller states, so the breakup of Germany is not impossible. There is a historical precedence for this. Of course, this is just one possible scenario, it doesn’t have to happen. There is still a chance that Germans will turn things around. However, if Angela Merkel or Martin Schultz from the SPD (they are basically the same) wins the next election in September this year, that chance will be significantly smaller.

Take the red pill

If you were facing imminent death, would you want to know about it? That’s the question people should be asking. I think the answer is yes, of course. If you know that there will be a tragedy you can prepare yourself and try to avoid it. If you don’t know what’s coming the risk is much greater that you will get hurt.

The same goes for every other type of problem. If the political leaders of your country were planning to go to war for personal gains would you want to know about it? Or if the financial elites were selling you bad stocks while claiming the stocks were risk free?
The answer is the same in these cases. People want to know the truth, it’s a basic need. Nobody wants to be lied to. However, the problem is that quite often, the truth is hard to accept.
If a person has been living all his life in a lie and all of a sudden someone comes along and tells him the truth it would be difficult to accept for a psychological reason. First of all, he’d have to admit to being wrong all his life. That makes him look like a fool. That may be difficult to handle. Also, the truth might be very disturbing. We don’t like talking about things that make us feel uncomfortable. For these reasons it might be easier for some just to deny the truth. But that is not the solution.
Taking the red pill means that you are ready not just to hear the facts but also that you are
emotionally ready to handle them. The most important thing is to have an open mind and being relentless in pursuing the truth. Once you take the red pill you will change. Your eyes will be open and you will see how things really are. That’s why people say “that person has taken the red pill”, or “he’s been redpilled”. The perception of the world
People, who take the red pill will oftentimes want to tell the truth to everyone around them, which is completely understandable. However, it might be a good idea to take it easy. Nobody likes being lectured. Instead, engage in debates, provoke and question. Remember, the facts are on your side. There’s no need to rush. People need time to let the truth sink in.

Welcome to the real Matrix

When the Matrix came out in the late 90’s it captured the imagination of a lot of people. It was bold, action-packed and it had a great story. However, there is more truth to the Matrix than most people realize. Just as the main character in the movie, Neo, a lot of people feel that there is indeed something wrong with the world but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Some people just go on with their daily lives in spite of this feeling. Others try to look for answers but they look in the wrong places and they never ask the most fundamental questions.

We live in a false world. Just by looking outside the window, it might seem that everything is normal but it’s not, far from it. It’s difficult to see the deception because there’s nothing to compare this reality to. People don’t know any better. Most of us accept what they learn in school and what they hear on television. Especially when so-called experts or a person of authority speaks. Few of us question the reality they live in. We are not taught to question the people who rule us, we are not taught to take responsibility for our own lives. Instead, we learn that the important questions are best left up to the experts and the government.
Most people don’t have their own opinion, they just echo what someone else has said. The Matrix permeates everything. It is quite literally all around us.We are being deceived and fed lies in every aspect of our lives, in politics, entertainment, the media, our culture, business, in matters of human relations and love, about our health, even about the food we eat and the very air we breathe.

The most difficult thing to understand about the Matrix is the scale of the deception. It is quite literally all around us. In politics it’s relatively easy to see. The leaders oftentimes do what’s best for the corporate elites and not for ordinary people.  Politics is to a large degree a smoke screen made for common citizens. Behind the scenes there is a whole other story. The same with mainstream media. The lies about the reasons for invading Middle Eastern countries and about the benefits of immigration (just to name a copule) are becoming more and more obvious. Same with mainstream medicin. Oftentimes the drugs, which doctors prescribe are unnecessary. The benefits are exaggerated and the risks are downplayed.

The same goes for the history that is taught in schools. They do teach about WWII and Hitler but they never mention who financed Hitler. The lies can be found in movies, newspapers, litterature etc. The critical question is who’s providing the financing? Whether it be wars, terrorism, the feminist agenda or some new vaccine. Who benefits, who loses? Follow the money, that will explain a lot.

Once you start to unravel the Matrix it’s easy to get depressed. There are so many layers of deception that it’s very difficult to find out what’s really going on. Just like Morpheus says in the Matrix, we live in a prison, which has been made for our minds.The most important thing is to have an open mind and not give up.